Laws and regulations that govern independent contractors (carriers and freelancers) and other employment issues are covered here along with multiple articles about various tax issues including the graphic arts and machinery equipment exemption and the tax exemption for newsprint and ink.

Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts Regulations
Graphic Arts Exemption Form
Graphic Arts Exemption Manufacturers Credit Advisory

Please note: The Illinois retailer’s occupation (sales) tax, service occupation tax, use tax, and service use tax exemption for graphic arts machinery and equipment, including repair and replacement parts, used primarily in the production of graphic arts has NOT been extended from its automatic sunset date of August 30, 2014. The corresponding Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit (MPC) earned on purchases of graphic arts and manufacturing machinery and equipment also expired on August 30, 2014.

Nevertheless, it is very important that your company retain records for any qualifying purchases made after August 30, 2014. The IPA is backing legislation that will renew both the Graphic Arts Exemption and Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit retroactively. The Illinois Press Association, Great Lakes Graphics Association, Illinois Manufacturers Association and Illinois Chamber of Commerce all support HB 5717 and we look forward to renewing these important business tax incentives in the coming months. Contact Josh Sharp with any additional questions.

Newsprint & Ink

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