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When You're On Your Own, Illinois Newspapers Are There With You

As the United States faces the worst public health crisis in a generation, we want you to know that Illinois' newspapers are here for you — and with you.

Whatever happens, whenever it happens, your newspaper will be there for you.

We’ll be there to let you know how our com­munity is managing through this crisis — from business to government to the health care sys­tem and schools to the drastic impact on indi­viduals and families.

And we’ll be there to let you know about the good and extraordinary things happening in the midst of this crisis  — the person sewing masks for health workers, the city and nonprofit workers attending to the homeless community, the volunteers bringing food to elderly people who cannot leave their homes, the health workers putting themselves in harm’s way to care for the sick Amid the sadness and anxiety, there are uplifting moments that remind us of the resilience of the human spirit, and we’ll be there to document those too.

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, on more than one occasion during his daily press briefings about the COVID-19 pandemic, has emphasized the importance of newspapers and other media during this health and financial crisis.

"Getting accurate information disseminated and squashing irresponsible rumors is so critically important, as we wage the battle against COVID-19," Pritzker said. "Thank you again to the reporters and the press who are continuing to do this work in such a difficult time and who are making it a priority to get good factual information out to the public."

Illinois journalists are working hard to bring the readers vital information to keep their communities connected and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are just some of the many examples of why the state's newspapers are more important than ever today.

Newspapers create grant programs to help their communities


Shaw Media launches community grant program for businesses.

Lee Enterprises does it, too.

The Southern does it, too.


Newspapers delivering COVID-19 coverage to your inbox


The Belleville News-Democrat has created a COVID-19 specific newsletter.

Shaw Media has one, too.

So, does the Chicago Sun-Times,

The Daily Herald also has a newsletter.

Live in Charleston or Mattoon? The Journal Gazette and Times Courier has a newsletter for you.

The News-Gazette in Champaign has a coronavirus-specific newsletter. Signup is in the right rail of the home page.


Newspapers make it easy to find all of their COVID-19 coverage


The Chicago Tribune puts all of its coverage on a COVID-19 live update landing page.

Shaw Media has a page dedicated to all of its newspapers' coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Belleville News-Democrat also has its own COVID-19 coverage page online.


Newspapers are always on the alert, and so should you


The Daily Herald includes breaking news alerts with its COVID-19 newsletter subscription.

The Chicago Tribune also gets COVID-19 news to you as it's happening.


Newspapers cross the digital divide to inform

Cass County Star Gazette shared current e-edition for free during pandemic.

The Chicago Sun-Times overhauled its e-edition, specifically because of COVID-19.


Need the numbers? Newspapers have those for you, too


The Chicago Sun-Times has a catch-all data page, including cases, deaths and a live map.

The Belleville News-Democrat’s database features all details released by health department on cases and deaths.

The Chicago Tribune tracks the pandemic by ZIP Code.

The Chicago Tribune also tracks deaths, cases and tests.


All kinds of resources are available; newspapers share them


Illinois Times has COVID-19 “guide”

Illinois Times also has “Coronavirus Chronicles”

The Journal Gazette and Times Courier also have a comprehensive COVID-19 resources page.


Newspapers find all kinds of interesting ways to keep the community connected


The Journal Courier in Jacksonville asks readers to help them find community heroes.

The Edwardsville Intelligencer also has Heroes Unmasked features.

The Woodstock Independent has partnered with the local Chamber of Commerce to launch #Woodstock4All. On the webpage, in social media and in print, the Woodstock Independent publishing news, submitted photos, videos and stories, announcements, and points of pride that bind the community together.

The News-Gazette’s health reporter has a regular feature “Ask the Admin”, in which she asks the local health district administrator a daily COVID-19-related question (of her own, and those submitted by readers).

The Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat builds, sells page of “hero” nurses.

During coronavirus, the Herald & Review in Decatur is featuring a different teacher each week who has created a fun and educational activity kids can do at home.

The Elmhurst Independent partners with the city on the #ElmhurstStaysHome initiative, as well as Community Bingo. The Independent is publishing the submissions as they come in. They also publish a list each week of which businesses are still open, as well as a list of which restaurants and bars are offering which services (curbside pickup, etc.)

Hyde Park Herald asks which local groups and  agencies readers can donate to, and builds a  catch-all page.

Hyde Park Herald also has a live page of who’s open, who’s not.

The Journal Courier in Jacksonville has a live list of restaurants and specific services (delivery, curbside pickup, etc.).

The Journal Courier also have a live list of closings and cancellations.

The Carroll County Review in Thomson offers $130 for readers’ best coping methods.

The Hancock Journal-Pilot awards e-edition subscriptions to participants in the newspaper's restaurant scavenger hunt.

The Tuscola Review, the Arcola Herald-Record and the Lebanon Advertiser give away papers.

The Herald & Review in Decatur had newsroom employees participate in a community food draft (fun!).


Honor your community's victims


The Chicago Tribune writes feature obituaries of the region's coronavirus victims.


Don't forget about Sports!


A Herald & Review in Decatur sports reporter watches classic games with coach and athletes.


Finally, don't be shy about asking for help

Austin Weekly News does what any good salesperson does. It asks for the sale.


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