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Public Notice Illinois continues to be our best defense against legislators who want to move notices to governmental websites.

Certain lawmakers contend that everybody has web access, and say that’s where notices should be. That’s all well and good. So public notices are on the internet, but how does one find them? Do they go to each local government’s site to get that information? That’s unrealistic, if not impossible.

According to the Illinois comptroller, there are 8,529 units of local government in Illinois, ranging from school districts to mosquito abatement districts. Not every unit of government is going to have a website, and who is going to certify that all units of government are in compliance with the posting of public notices?

So, when it comes to the web, all notices are in one place – Public Notice Illinois. Illinois was the first state to require mandatory uploading of notices. It’s legislation that has been copied in many other states.

As an industry, we need to do a better job of making sure public notices are available for visitors to our sites to find. I’m asking that newspapers provide a link on their home page that’s visible and in front of a paywall, so your most recent notices can be found. Some of your websites have public notices on your classifieds link. That’s great, but we can give you a link to take a visitor to the PNI site with your  most recent posted notices displayed. This gives the visitor more options to view all of your public notices.

If you prefer that visitors stay on your site, we can give you the capability of embedding an iframe on your site that will display the most recent notices posted to Public Notice Illinois. For either option, all you need to do is use the info below and replace the XXX with your three-digit paper ID. Your paper ID is located in the Newspaper Admin panel of the Public Notice Illinois site. When you select your newspaper, you will see a three-digit number ID number. Replace the XXX in the links provided below with this number.

Link direct to publication notices:


Iframe link (allows you to embed notices on your site):


Test it to see how it looks. You can insert your paper ID to see how it appears.

If you have any questions or need any help, just let us know. We want to make sure that public notices are available to your readers.

It’s important that we use every available opportunity to promote and display public notices.

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