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32 percent increase in the cost of doing business

Thirty-two percent. 

That’s how much the price of newsprint may increase because of recent preliminary tariffs imposed by the Department of Commerce.  If you’re not prepared to accept a 32 percent increase in the cost of doing business, then please keep reading.

The imposition of these tariffs is among the most important issues that we have ever faced as an industry – you can help by doing the following.  Let your readers know what is at stake by publishing the op-ed linked below and by writing your own editorial.

Also, please reach out to your local U.S. Congressman, and ask them to request that the ITC reject these newsprint tariffs. Members of Congress will be back in districts until April 6, so this is a good time for a personal meeting or to contact them in their local offices.  It is critical to our efforts that you contact your federal officials to let them know where you stand.

We encourage you to build your own local coalitions and send letters to Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross. If there ever was a time for a full court press, it’s now, as the International Trade Commission prepares to study the unfair trade allegations made by a single mill in Washington state. While these tariffs are preliminary, we expect a final ruling in late summer or early fall.

National and state associations have joined forces and are sharing information to help local publishers combat these tariffs.  Linked below are talking points about tariffs from both the News Media Alliance and National Newspaper Association, an op-ed from the IPA and a coalition letter from the IPA, Great Lakes Graphics Association and Illinois Chamber of Commerce.  Feel free to use any and all of the information to make your case and as background to write on this issue from a local perspective. Please keep us informed and we will do the same.

Lastly, the IPA has joined the STOPP coalition, which was formed to help inform newspapers about all facets of the tariff issue. I encourage you to visit the STOPP website for any additional material that you may need to help us win this fight.

It’s time that we take this battle to the streets as no voice is too small when it comes to protecting the industry and the communities that we serve.


Sam R Fisher  |  President & CEO

Illinois Press Association | 900 Community Drive | Springfield, IL 62703



Tariff editorial: www.illinoispress.org/Downloads/Tariff_editorial.docx 

Fisher headshot: www.illinoispress.org/Downloads/Fisher.jpg

NNA – about newsprint tariffs: www.illinoispress.org/Downloads/NNA-AboutNewsprintTariffs.pdf

NMA tariff discussion points: www.illinoispress.org/Downloads/NMATariffDiscussionPoints.pdf

IPA coalition letter: www.illinoispress.org/Downloads/IPACoalitionLetter.pdf

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