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Build and nurture relationships with new lawmakers

Sam_webAs I wrote about in the previous PressLines, we learned during the newsprint tariff battle that we have considerable influence with Congress. That’s because as an industry, we play a vital role in the communities we serve.

Now we must return our attention to the state level. We are going to see some new members of the Illinois Legislature next session. Build and nurture relationships with these new lawmakers.

The tariff won’t be the last battle we fight, and we know a new legislative session will bring a new attack on requirements that public notices be published in newspapers. It happens every session.

Josh Sharp, our executive vice president, does an outstanding job staying on top of these attacks. Further, when it comes to public notices, he does a great job of protecting the public’s right to know and the newspapers’ interests.

But Josh is one person, and he needs to have the backing and support of every Illinois newspaper. That support comes from each of you having key relationships with your state representatives and senators. Call them for their support when we call on you.  

We’ve just finished putting together a comprehensive Public Notice Resource Guide to help our newspapers. The guide addresses the importance of building relationships, promoting public notices both in print and online, and providing easy access to notices on newspaper websites.

It also contains talking points about the value of public notices in newspapers. Use this when you have important discussions. Download this 28-page guide at or request print copies. Let us know how many you need, and we’ll get them to you. Our goal is to equip our newspapers with the tools to protect public notices.

At the end of the day, the best thing our newspapers can do to help the industry is to build those relationships, especially when we are going to have quite a few new faces in Springfield.

It’s a lesson we must continually learn.

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