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Former journalist seeking newspaper to purchase

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I am a former journalist who has been a college professor for the last 15 years. I would like to return to newspapers as editor or managing editor of a small daily or weekly, or owner of a small weekly, preferably in the Midwest or Great Plains.

My undergraduate degree is in journalism from the University of Kansas. My journalism background still strongly shapes what I do and how I work. I am an associate professor of geography at the University of New Hampshire. I am highly respected in my field. I have written two books, both of which won the oldest book prize in American geography, and numerous articles. A former journalism professor of mine calls what I do today “deep journalism.” I also served as a department chair for six years, so have significant management experience.

I regret leaving journalism and would love to return. I am most interested in working for a small newspaper because that's where the hyperlocal approach to journalism I like best is most viable. I also want to work at a paper that is small enough that I can help shape the direction of the paper and make it the best paper that it can be. I want to work in a small community where I can make a real difference and establish a home.

I am an excellent reporter, writer, and editor. I have many ideas for making a small newspaper indispensable to its community. I recognize that I will have to take a significant pay cut in order to return to journalism, but I am prepared to do that.

Please contact me if you have a weekly for sale or need an editor. See my resume for more information on my background. Thank you for your consideration.


Blake Gumprecht

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